Public Library Safety & Security Toolkit


Working Group is Presenting at OLA Super Conference

The CULC/CBUC Safety & Security Working Group will be discussing the Toolkit at the Ontario Library Association’s Super Conference on Friday, January 26, at 2:15 pm – 3:30 pm.

Safety & Security in Public Libraries: Resources and Ideas to Help


Heather Robertson, Director, Service Design and Innovation, Calgary Public Library
Moe Hosseini-Ara, Director, Branch Operations & Customer Experience, Toronto Public Library
Pilar Martinez, Chief Executive Officer, Edmonton Public Library
Vicki Varga, Executive Director of Collections, Marketing, & Technology, Edmonton Public Library

Public libraries across North America are facing an unprecedented increase in the frequency and intensity of security and safety incidents. In 2023, the Canadian Urban Libraries Council struck a working group to: promote learning, encourage support and collaboration around physical safety in public libraries; develop a toolkit of best practices; and create an advocacy and communication strategy to raise awareness of the complex societal issues that public libraries are facing. Resources, tools, and strategies will be shared to support library staff in responding to these challenges.