Public Library Safety & Security Toolkit

Calgary Public Library – Central – Adult Group


Thinking About the Library Journey

Using a “journey map” is one way to communicate the different stages that are travelled through at the library when working to create a welcoming environment for all at the same time as keeping safety and security in mind. For this toolkit, six stages have been identified, including:

  1. Patron/Customer Experience – describes what happens in the library every day;
  2. Social Development – focuses on activities designed to promote and support community safety and well-being;
  3. Incident Preparation – focuses on the proactive implementation of evidence-based programs and strategies designed to reduce risk factors;
  4. Incident Prevention – identifies and responds to current situations of risk to mitigate/reduce risk factors;
  5. Incident Response – urgent and reactionary responses to incidents that have not been prevented; and
  6. Post-Incident Recovery – which focuses on providing support and recovery for the people involved, including staff and customers, and a debrief on learnings.

Participants along the journey include:

  • Patrons/Customers that access space, as well as programs and responsive services in a welcoming and supportive environment maintained through the Codes of Conduct (or similar policies);
  • Staff that mediate the use of space, providing supports to customers, and delivery of programs and services;
  • Managers that guide, support, and work with staff to support both staff and customers;
  • Security (as/if relevant) supporting staff; and
  • Community partners that provide services, programs, and other supports in library spaces

Activities, policies, and procedures relevant to the journey include:

  • Codes of Conduct that help support a welcoming environment for all;
  • Community resources that provide programming and services;
  • Training provided to staff and security guards;
  • Joint Health & Safety Committee (and/or other standing mechanisms for staff and management to work together on issues related to staff health and safety);
  • Emergency response services (e.g., police, ambulance, fire) that are called if necessary in response to certain incidents; and
  • Support to patrons and staff involved in incidents.
Library Journey Map