Public Library Safety & Security Toolkit

Calgary Public Library


Policies for Security Equipment Use 

Many libraries have surveillance policies.

Hamilton Public Library

The Hamilton Public Library has a Security Camera Policy that was approved in November 2022 that sets out how the policy adheres to the privacy requirements set out in the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. It also follows the guidelines set out by the Information and Privacy Commission of Ontario. Key elements of the Policy include:

  • The policy purpose;
  • Definitions;
  • Policy details, including the authority of the Library to collect personal information;
  • Planning considerations that the library reviews before deciding if a facility warrants security cameras;
  • Direction on the design, installation and operation of security cameras;
  • Direction on the notice of use of video systems;
  • Identification of who is authorized to monitor camera feeds and review recorded information;
  • How logs are kept and handled;
  • The process for responding to requests to access security camera coverage, including law enforcement requests for access;
  • How to handle inquiries from the public related to the security camera policy;
  • Roles and responsibilities related to the Security Camera Policy, including the Chief Librarian, Direction of Finance & Facilities, Branch Manager, Personnel authorized to operate video equipment, and any Library employee that becomes aware of an unauthorized disclosure of a video record or other potential privacy breach.