Public Library Safety & Security Toolkit

Calgary Public Library – Central – Adult Group


Job Descriptions

There are many different examples of job descriptions to support safety and security in libraries.

Saskatoon Public Library

The Senior Manager of Security (used at the Saskatoon Public Library) is directly responsible for all aspects of security at the library and is responsible for providing leadership, direction and delivery of the security strategy.

Toronto Public Library

At the Toronto Public Library, in-house positions include Library Safety Specialists, a Manager of Public Safety, and a Manager of Welcoming Spaces. These positions work with the contracted security guards used in a subset of branches with the highest number of incidents.

Library Safety Specialist (LSS) positions focus on helping all patrons enjoy and use the library by compassionately assisting them in understanding and complying with library rules and policies, using a trauma-informed approach. In cases where patrons are unable or unwilling to comply with library rules and policies, the LSS will help to address and resolve rules of conduct violations and incidents by working with other library staff and guards, under the direction of in-charge staff. The LSS will also act as a liaison with law enforcement, social service providers and community groups, providing referrals to service and assistance, as appropriate. The positions work in pairs to cover shifts, taking day-to-day direction from the Library Service Manager and Branch Head responsible for the branches where the LSS is assigned. All LSS staff work as an integrated team with branch staff.

Thompson-Nicola Regional Library

Thompson-Nicola Regional Library uses Community Services Officers with duties that include, but are not limited to, addressing challenging situations, enforcing library rules and policies, theft prevention, emergency response and crowd control, and building patrol. The Community Service Officer enforces the library’s Conduct of Library Patrols.

Calgary Public Library

Calgary Public Library’s Security Advisor provides security management oversight and information for library staff. They oversee the drafting of a security plan for the library and other locations, as required. They also aid in determining the next phase of partnership between CPL and the City with respect to security issues.

Winnipeg Public Library

Winnipeg Public Library has a Community Safety Host program that is delivered in partnership with social enterprise, Persons Community Solutions and the non-profit, Fearless R2W. The program is an opportunity for young people aging out of care and those struggling with social support systems to enroll in an employment training program to create an alternative professional to conventional security services. Community Safety Hosts are supported to be trauma informed, with a priority on systemic harm reduction to create safer access through removing barriers and empowering others through education and support.

Winnipeg Public Library also has three Community Crisis Workers who are registered social workers, based out of the central downtown Millennium Library, and also supporting customers and staff at all 20 branch libraries. The five major responsibilities of Community Crisis Workers include:

  1. Works with Library Administration, library staff, security, and other agencies to create a safe and welcoming environment for all library users.
  2. Provides immediate short-term assistance, resource coordination and referral to vulnerable individuals and situations.
  3. Conducts research in professional expertise and scope of work and provides information, reports and statistics related to vulnerable customers.
  4. Provides training for Library staff and security working with vulnerable customers.
  5. Works collaboratively with Library and outside staff to form relationships and ensure that vulnerable customers can access and use Library resources and services.
Winnipeg Public Library – Community Safety Host

Other Member Libraries

Additional examples of unique security positions in libraries include:

  • Security Administration (London)
  • Safety Coordinator (Vancouver)
  • Safe and Welcoming Specialist (Regina)