Public Library Safety & Security Toolkit

Barrie Public Library – Baby Goose


Code of Conduct

Rules of Conduct are organized around three key items, including:

  1. Act Safely and Responsibly
  2. Be Considerate of Others
  3. Be Respectful of the Space

Each item includes four or five additional points that provide guidance and details to library patrons on what the Rules entail. Ultimately it notes that the guidelines are in place for the safety of community members, visitors, and staff and to provide a welcoming space for the enjoyment of library services and facilities by all.  

Halifax Public Libraries

Halifax Public Libraries outlines four key expectations within the Customer Conduct Policy:

  1. Consideration for others
  2. Respectful communication
  3. Intentional use of materials and space
  4. Respecting privacy when filming and photographing in the library

Greater Victoria Public Library

The Greater Victoria Public Library frames the Responsibilities and Conduct of Library Users policy as a set of statements that all users agree to, such as “I agree to not engage in disruptive behaviour, such as creating excessive noise, or misuse Library property”.

Mississauga Library

Conversely, the Mississauga Library’s Code of Conduct is a series of requests for how customers behave, such as “we ask you to keep noise levels to a minimum”.

Toronto Public Library

The Toronto Public Library has a Rules of Conduct Policy that includes two parts:

  1. The Rules of Conduct Policy – Sets the expectation that customers support a welcoming environment for everyone using the library. It also lists the behaviours that are unacceptable and may lead to an exclusion.
  2. The Exclusion, Appeals and Reinstatement Policy – Describes how exclusions are administered, how customers may appeal an exclusion and how customers may request reinstatement following a 12-month exclusion.

Code of Conduct Policies