Public Library Safety & Security Toolkit

Barrie Public Library – Early-Literacy

Living Document

What Makes This a “Living Document”?

Many CULC/CBUC members contributed to the development of this Toolkit, including Safety and Security Working Group members (many of whom have provided templates, samples, and examples included in the document) along with the broader CULC/CBUC membership that is contributing to the review of this draft of the Toolkit (thank you!). Some of the documents are public, while others are internal resources that libraries are comfortable sharing with their peers to help support all libraries in facing the collective safety and security challenges we face. The resources in this Toolkit are also very current – primarily from the last two or three years.

The reason this Toolkit is referred to as a “Living Document” is because it is intended to be a subset of the many different ideas, tools, plans, policies, procedures, practices, templates, etc. related to how to manage safety and security in libraries – it is intentionally not exhaustive. Lessons are being learned every day and the contexts in which libraries work are always evolving. We know that new examples and practices are emerging, and we see a few ways to support ongoing CULC/CBUC members in the learning and sharing related to safety and security practices, including (but not limited to):

  • Anytime during the year, CULC/CBUC members are encouraged to reach out to each other to get more information and share ideas related to specific topics (see the CULC/CBUC member page);
  • At each Member Meeting, CULC/CBUC members are encouraged to share updates or insights related to safety and security; and
  • Anytime during the year, CULC/CBUC members are encouraged to send the CULC/CBUC Safety & Security Team any examples of learnings that they would like to add to the Toolkit, and these files will be used to update this Toolkit regularly (and a minimum of once annually).

Along with CULC/CBUC members, the Safety and Security Team will continue to engage members around this topic and be responsible for keeping the toolkit relevant and current. See Appendix: Draft Terms of Reference for the Safety and Security Team.